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Start Up South Africa is an enterprise that trains entrepreneurs from developing countries and previously under resourced communities to empower themselves with the latest transformational principals and paradigms in business that will exponentially grow their income, life and success. Turning their dreams into reality, creating spiritual and material enrichment for themselves, their communities and the nation.
The emergence of entrepreneurs from the previously under resourced regions of the world are beginning to come online and enter the global economic marketplace and in will be the catalyst for the imminent global economic growth that is sustainable and based on collaboration and co-operation.

Start-Up trains entrepreneurs through workshops, seminars, one on one training as well as on-line programs.

Start-Up South Africa was founded by Judy van Niekerk who also founded the SACRED Leadership Institute.

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You may have heard this several times from a number of visionary people over the past few months — “in the next three to five years there will be in excess of 3 billion extra people coming online” but have you considered the knock on effect of this?

What are they going to be doing online? What effect will that have on the internet or on you and me?

Well, to start with it will be unprecedented. The growth on the internet has been a steady curve over the last 15 or 20 years but it will skyrocket exponentially and in my opinion closer to three years from now than five.

Where are they coming from and what will they be doing?

They will be entrepreneurs from the developing countries around the world and they will be trading.

They will be looking for you — your product or service.

It will be material things they will need, services, intellectual property that you have, educational material as well as exchange services — anything you can think of they will need.

Are you geared up for that in your vocation, in your career, in your job?

Today, in the middle of sub sahara Africa you will find kids roaming the veldt daily, playing and generally doing what kids do, learning about life, not from their classrooms but from their smartphones. Think about it 48 million people have a mobile phone but do not have electricity. 1.7 billion people do not have bank accounts but bank by mobile phone. Mobile-money is overtaking and destabilizing traditional banks in many African countries. Even countries like Somalia one of the poorest African countries has experienced a mobile revolution.

People on less that $2 a day go without eating to buy credit for their mobile phones. Mobile-money is giving small loans to entrepreneurs in these regions who are learning and staying connected using the mobile phone.

Today the ability to gather data, exchange information and contact anyone all over the world is creating an exponential society with exponential demands.

More than ever this is encouraging self-reliance which is why the developing countries will burst on to the global economic marketplace within the next couple of years. As they creatively solve their own issues and problems that are economically viable with a combination of understanding their own cultural needs, requirements and demands and access to global information.

For so long now, charitable projects conducted by organizations in the west have not worked — as they have lacked one vital component — a lack of understanding for local cultures and dynamics. I have seen project after project fail as organizations like DFID and much more attempt to introduce birth control measures, or water projects and others into micro rural communities that are not sustainable — as a result of not understanding fully the cultural dynamics — which means that inevitably the project is sabotaged.

This is a topic that whole books could be written about, but the purpose of this message is — how are you going to contribute to this exponential growth?

There are many many projects taking place around the world mentoring and growing the entrepreneurs from these developing regions and if you would love to read about some of these get your hands on an awesome book called Billions Rising by Anita Casalina, Heather Vale Goss and Warren Whitlock — through the ongoing development of mobile technology and crowdfunding and mobile-money their world is changing — and so can yours.

As entrepreneurs we now need to have the mindset of an exponential thinker. Linear companies will no longer work — in fact almost 50% of the current Fortune 500 companies will be gone in less than a decade from now — just like Kodak. It will be the exponential companies that will take their place.

Take a few minutes and do a google search on Peter Diamandis “6 ‘d’s of Exponentials” — listen to him explain how our world has changed and see how you can adjust.

There are phenomenal opportunities to serve in your career and vocation right now — with an exponential mindset and incorporating the new global entrepreneurs into your business in one form or another, directly or indirectly. Together with these new entrepreneurs we will create the catalyst that will result in phenomenal and sustainable global economic growth based on collaboration and not the competitive race we have hitherto witnessed.

The sooner we collectively adopt this approach the sooner we will experience the economic growth — it will happen anyway — but surely sooner is better. Also the sooner you get in on the ride the more exponential growth you will experience sooner… and those that do not — will be left behind forever.

This is what I term ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ of today — being a part of the imminent economic growth!