Discover Your Inner Entrepreneur – By Emily Gowor; The Word Artist

Emily Gowor The Word Artist

Emily Gowor The Word Artist

Welcome to the first of a series of articles on Inspired Entrepreneurs from around the globe…

I am so honoured to be able to publish this article written by the inspirational Author, Speaker and entrepreneur Emily Gowor – which was written specifically for our series of articles on Inspired Entrepreneurship.

Known as the Word Artist, Emily Gowor is the Author of the brand new soon-to-be published book on entrepreneurship: The Unlikely Entrepreneur – A Spiritual Guide to Business and Your Path of Greatest Evolution. An established Best-selling Author, Speaker and Mentor in book writing, Emily divides her time between producing her own written content (aimed to help people to live greater lives) and assisting professionals and entrepreneurs to communicate their messages to the marketplace and world. An inspiring young woman and entrepreneur who was announced as a Winner in the 2012 Anthill 30under30 Young Entrepreneur Awards, Emily promises her third book is the key to becoming inspired in life – regardless of your profession.

I would highly recommend you pay a visit to her site and submit your pre-order for her book and get yourself a head start in releasing your creaitve spirit within your entrepreneurial pursuits.

Enjoy the article written for you by Emily (thank you Emily, you are an inspiration!)


I am nothing but a solid believer that each and every person has the capacity inside of them to be successful – whether it is in business, or in any of the other areas of their life. This means you have every bit of the capacity you will ever need sitting within you… right here, right now. You have the ability to do something truly great in this world, including become an unlikely entrepreneur who has gone against the odds to make something great of themselves. How much of that inherent capacity you tap into, however, depends on how strong your desire to succeed is.  

After spending the last six years associating with high profile leaders and speakers such as Dr. John Demartini – Human Behavioural Specialist and Speaker – and Jeff & Kane – Founders of the Industry Rockstar System, I’ve come to conclude that the most outrageously successful people are the ones had the biggest reason to be – successful, that is. They had a desire, drive and overwhelming reason to achieve great outcomes. They wanted to see a greater view of life, they wanted to challenge the norm, and they wanted to be known as someone of value. They wanted to take better care of their families and friends. They wanted to do something outstanding… you know, go above and beyond the rest. Growth and expansion just naturally happened along the way.

It may not have been their first goal, to be an entrepreneur. That is just where the path led them – because they cared about having a meaningful vocation, or to make a difference in people’s lives. It was the journey along that path that shaped the savvy business people that they now are. It certainly wasn’t my intention to create my own unique profession as an Author, Speaker and Mentor – or be branded as “The Word Artist”. I just knew that I wanted to do something that I loved. Being an entrepreneur (someone who’s creative with earning money and serving people) was the last thing on my mind or my list of “to-do’s” with my future. I just wanted to have a sparkle in my eye when I worked for and with people. It just so happened that is also what my customers and clients want most as well.

It’s the journey to becoming the entrepreneur that makes you one. Business teaches you about the world, but it also teaches you about yourself.  It’s a journey of self discovery. Business is just a vehicle for you to express yourself – just like every other area of life. The more you express yourself in business and learn how the world of selling and serving works, the more intimately you get to know your ‘inner entrepreneur’. It actually becomes necessary to have a strong bond with that part of yourself. You must trust yourself, push yourself to overcome obstacles, believe in your capacity,

I don’t believe that the ‘inner entrepreneur’ – the naturally business savvy you – comes out until you actually turn your life to face the direction you actually want it to go. Why is this? It’s because the involvement of your heart in whatever you choose to do is where your potential sits. It’s inside the most powerful part of you (your heart). It’s when you involve your heart that your creativity with making money arises. It’s when you figure out a way to serve a bigger number of people – and get leverage. It’s when you keep creating new ways to go around problems instead of walk right through them. It’s when you see life differently to all other people and give yourself freedom to express it.

Here are some keys to discovering your inner entrepreneur:

  • ·        Choose a profession that you care about – “(and) you’ll never work a day in your life”
  • ·        Keep your business ‘plan’ simple at first – grow it over time
  • ·        Push past the fear of putting yourself out there in the marketplace – be willing to fail and learn so you can come back stronger each time
  • ·        Focus on the path ahead – no matter what people say about you (it’s their stuff)
  • ·        Be stubborn – don’t give up until you have achieved your outcomes (in other words, don’t give up on yourself)

Above all, you must blend your desire with your goals to discover your true capacity. The stronger your desire to achieve goals as an entrepreneur is, the greater the capacity to do it becomes. When you are fuelled with a heartfelt vision, a global cause, or the fulfilment of a need for people, you go to places where you never would have dreamed. You become who you never thought you could be. You achieve greater outcomes than you thought possible… you discover your inner entrepreneur.

So, no matter what you choose to do with your future, whether it is in a field of business or in another domain, all I ask is that you live with the kind of inspiration that can touch generations. Create yourself an inspiring existence so you can make a bigger impact on people.

With inspiration,

Emily Gowor

     The Word Artist –

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