What is the Launch Your Entrepreneurial Success™ Program?

The program is a 12 week online training course that teaches you how to increase your wealth and earnings and success in life through monetising your passions, building your business and career with proven strategies that can exponentially transform your life.

It consists of a series of training videos available online in a members only area that you have access to for 18 months and all the updates as well.

There will be exercises and a business map to complete as well as monthly training webinar (live internet conference) with special guests giving more training and also webinars for questions and answers- where you will be able to speak to me directly for guidance and help with the program on taking your business and career further.

During these live calls we go through all the training and exercises and hand hold you through creating your business map.

There is also a forum for members to engage and leave comments and questions that I answer and also other members will engage and offer assistance – this is where you can also share your successes, plans and ideas and get valuable input from other members too.

You will also receive a free ticket (less registration fee of R50) to the next LIVE workshop I have in South Africa – where you will get even more training and learn more valuable tips and tools on developing and taking your business and career to the next level.

You will have an opportunity to have an interview with me that will be recorded and marketed on your behalf about your business and the services you offer – you will also be able to get a copy of this recording and use it for your marketing as well. This will enormously assist and grow your credibility.

You will learn about the latest methods on raising finance for your business and how to go about securing that finance

Your business could be put in touch with entrepreneurs in USA or UK where you could collaborate and grow your business, potential and technology on the “exponential technology” module – this has proven enormously powerful resource to entrepreneurs in the past.

You will learn about the latest technologies, techniques in marketing and critically Mobile marketing.

At the end of 12 weeks you will have a BLUEPRINT book with your business map and strategies clearly defined and all you need to do is implement what is included in your blueprint which is what you have compiled during the 12 weeks with me – that is your ‘business bible’.

MAJOR BONUS – If you complete the12 week program and complete your BLUEPRINT book – print it out and bind it then you will be invited to join my MASTERMIND group – what I call my SACRED CIRCLE – where I will mentor you for a further 6 months FOR FREE.

How long is the program?

It is a 12 week online program with video training, worksheets and homework. As well as monthly webinars with live questions and answers

What will I have to show for the 12 week program at the end?

You will have a Business Map and strategy to create your business – a business you are inspired by and fulfils your outer purpose. Also you will have gained 12 weeks practical hands on experience in building, implementing and crafting the logistics and details of your business.

Do I need to have experience in entrepreneurship or owning my own business to benefit from this training program?

No you don’t – all you need is a desire to learn and a passion for big dreams. A desire to life a fulfilled life of opportunities and enrichment is the only pre requisite.

Is this program only for people who have their own business?

No, absolutely not. This program is for you if you have a dream to start your own business. It may only be a dream right now. Even if you have no idea what business to start – but have a burning desire to be in control of your own destiny and create a business you love and increase your income – then definitely this program is for you.

Is this program then only for people who want to have their own business or have their own business?

No – this program is also for you if you are in a job or have a career employed by someone else because one of the critical things that is misunderstood about entrepreneurship in our society is that an Entrepreneur is seen as someone who has their own business – however in my opinion it is wise that you adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur in your career and job – where you take responsibility for your own growth path – where you become the authority in your organisation that you work for. You become the ‘go to’ person in your industry amongst your peers – even with people in the same position as you in other companies – this program will teach you how to do that.

I don’t know what a Business Map is – does that matter?

No – it does not, everything is taught from scratch and you will be hand held through the process as some of the concepts in the training are very new and even pioneering and are considered global best practise for the paradigm shift we are experiencing in business today.

I don’t know what business to start – does that matter?

No – the training helps you define what business and career you were born to do.

I don’t have money to start a business – will this course still be useful for me?

Absolutely Yes! If you have imagination and a smartphone you have enough to start a business with just that! This program will show you how – with only your inspired imagination and your smartphone how you can connect with the business world – globally and start making money.

I did not finish school or go to university – can I still start my own business?

Yes of course you can – some of the most successful and wealthiest people in the world today and in the past did not go to school. I didn’t for example and I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years.

What do you mean that the “Barrier to entry into Entrepreneurship has never been so low”?

Historically when an entrepreneur wished to establish a business it was common practise to have a place of work – separate from their home, they needed a telephone line and internet connection, printing facilities and staff – all the sort of expenses that raise the monthly overheads. Also the marketing and advertising in traditional formats was very expensive. And there was a very strong ethos of competition and protecting of information – however today none of this is essential. You do not need your own staff – you can crowd source to get jobs done. You can get logs and branding done for almost nothing. You can create your own website for free and extremely easily. You don’t need a landline and there is free telephone technology like Skype. Marketing and advertising does not need to cost you anything thanks to internet marketing

This program will teach you step by step each of these components that make it possible for you to start your thriving business with next to no money – other than your smartphone and imagination.

I don’ think I have much imagination – I can’t imagine how to start for example

That is OK, because during the program we have exercises where you will get so inspired you will be overflowing with ideas – you will not be short of imagination in this program.

I have tried to start a business before and failed – maybe I am not cut out to be an entrepreneur?

That is not so, your failure are seeds for your success – every challenge and obstacle you have encountered has strengthened you and made you stronger – all you need to do is see how that is the case and very often because society labels failure as bad and we associate shame to failure – we find it very difficult to see how it could be seeds for phenomenal growth.
I have failed in business and lost so much money and almost bankrupt – but I learned phenomenal lessons and today I have a thriving business – doing exactly what I love.

In this program you will be taught how to Charge Your Challenges™ where you will learn to look at all the challenges you have experienced and see how you have grown from them and how you learned so much and were seeds for your phenomenal growth. You will also learn how to apply the lessons from your mistakes and failures of the past to exponentially grow your success.

Also – if you can dream it – you can create it – your sub conscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination. If you can imagine it – you have the ability to create it. This program will show you how to turn your dream into that reality.

I don’t have a computer can I still do this program?

Yes you can – you can do all the exercises, watch the training modules and take part in the monthly webinars and questions and answers from your mobile phone – as long as you have internet on your phone.

I have my own business already and it is going along nicely, is there any point in my doing this program?

Yes I believe there is, because there are many concepts that are paradigm shifting and completely new in the world of business specifically topics around crowdsourcing, crowd funding, collaboration, internet marketing, branding, creating the business you were born to do as well as amazing interview opportunities and being included in the forums and business directory.
You will learn so much that will exponentially compliment your existing business.

Why is the program so cheap?

There are a few reasons for this –
It is my purpose to empower 5m+ people in the world and in my opinion the single most powerful way to empower people, a community and a nation is for everyone to be self reliant and have the tools and resources to thrive in order to grow their spiritual and material wealth. So I have decided to make this program affordable for all.
I believe that entrepreneurs in the developing countries will be the catalysts for a major global economic growth that will benefit everyone and this imminent global economic growth will be sustainable because it will be based on the practise of collaboration – which is the ethos of this training program – and an important element of the program – where you will be taught to seek out collaborative opportunities to create win win situations. So this program is largely targeted to the developing countries.
The more people that take part in this program the more collaborative opportunities there will be for entrepreneurs in developed and western countries to connect with entrepreneurs in developing communities and countries where there can be an exchange of resources so powerful that it literally can change the lives of thousands – I have seen this happen many times and is so inspiring – I am dedicated to enabling as many people as possible to be a part of this training where I will train you how to connect with potential collaborative partners in developed countries.
The entrepreneurs in developing countries are finding economically viable solutions to challenges in their communities and these solutions sometimes have great potential for solving solutions to some of the global challenges and so the more entrepreneurs I can empower through this training program the better for everyone.
There is so much technological development taking place right now that is exponentially changing daily – that solve so many of our daily challenges and can have a phenomenal impact on the lives of millions and a part of this program is to teach you about some of these technologies and how to keep abreast with the developments – and another spin off from this is that knowing what technology exists can give you ideas on how it can be developed further to solve even more challenges.

What sort of topics will be covered in Launch Your Entrepreneurial Success™?

Essentially they can be divided into the following

The business you were born to create
Identifying your values
Your Inner and Outer Purpose
Charging Your Challenges™
The source of your Inspiration
How to create your inspired life – get from where you are now to where you would love to be.

Business Map
Identify Business
Goals – short / medium / long that are completely congruent
Best global practises in business today
Mobile and on line marketing
Finance and funding
Service and Value
Your Wealth Thermometer™

Championing Your Vocation
Giving Back
Powers of Disruption
Connecting globally
Exponential technology and abundance
The Legacy you create in your life and after you leave this life

These are some of the topics that will be covered.

What other resources will be available with the program?

FORUM – There will be a forum for each member taking part in the program to share information and exchange learning ideas and best practise. This forum is also often used as a resource to connect for business purposes. It is also a platform for seeking assistance from fellow members – there are some restrictions however in the use of this forum – for example you can not ask for funding or sponsorship from fellow members.

YOUR INTERVIEW – You will be interviewed by me about your story and business and that will be marketed in the internet on various appropriate sites – that will increase your visibility and you will be able to use this as a resource for your marketing purposes.

AUDIOS – You will have access to audio training from interviews I have recorded from experts around the world were we talk about building inspired wealth – these interviews are highly valuable resources with expert tips and guidance from world leaders who have a proven track record in building wealth and successful businesses.

FREE TICKET – You will also receive TWO free tickets to the next live seminar I do in South Africa. These seminars are more like workshops where we go deeper into the training in a live environment and I have experts from leading industries training on the latest best practise and methodologies. The events will typically be in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

FREE MEMBERSHIP – You will have access to the membership site going for 1 year after the end of the 12 week training program which will include regular updated information and will also have all the videos and recordings of webinars.

AWESOME SPECIAL GUESTS – From time to time I will also include awesome very special guests on the webinars that will teach you more content in speciality fields – these special guests will have expert knowledge and experience in valuable elements of the program.

Q and A SESSIONS – There will be webinars with valuable q&a sessions with me – where you can ask questions and they will be answered live to assist you in your learning.

There will be much more in addition to these.

How will I be able to access the training material?

The videos and worksheets will be available for you to view and download on the members section of the website. You will be notified by e-mail each time there is new material released in each module. You will also be notified by e-mail of the date and time of the live webinar a week in advance. The webinars will be recorded should you not be able to make the live webinar. You will have access to each webinar on the members website should you wish to go back and listen to past recordings as well.

I am afraid I will forget what I learn during the program – so when the program comes to an end I will forget some vital parts of the training.

You will have access to the material on the membership site for 1 year after the 12 week program and will have free membership in that time – during this time you will have access to the members forum where you can discuss any issues and strategies and share experiences. I will continue to respond as well to your queries in this forum.

In addition to this you will have a comprehensive BLUEPRINT book for your business including the business map and strategy.


The blueprint book is your comprehensive guide for your life and business and will be your go to resource as you grow your business – this is made up of all the worksheets I supply you as well as your homework during the course – you are encouraged at the end of the program to collate all of this information and worksheets and to bind them into a book form – this is something you will be guided through – this will be a very valuable resource for you in building your business with ease and grace as you constantly refer to this BLUEPRINT as you grow your business.

What is the MASTERMIND REWARD offered at the end of the program?

When you complete the program and you complete your BLUEPRINT book – and have it printed and bound – you will be eligible to join the Graduate Mastermind where we get together once a month on a group call and have a group coaching session. During this time you will be able to ask questions, get guidance and learn from others on the call – this is a hugely beneficial and PRICELESS BONUS offered to those that totally complete the program – it is ongoing training, mentoring and guidance that keeps you focused and on course.

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