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Watch this video for an Intro to Crowdsourcing – which Crowdfunding is an element of..
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Crowdfunding is a revolutionary way to raise funds as a kickstarter for your business or project and start-up.
Otherwise called crowd financing or social financing – crowd funding is growing in popularity with many crowdfunding platforms, websites and sites popping up all over the world with different areas of speciality – a sustainable alternative to business loans, venture capital investment, angel investors – specifically for start up enterprises.
Hand in hand with this is crowd sourcing where more and more companies are turning to crowd sourced solutions

At Start-UP SA we are using this revolutionary method to raise funds for ONE THOUSAND entrepreneurs to attend the Entrepreneur’s Seminar in May 2013.

It is Judy van Niekerk’s vision that The Entrepreneur’s Seminar will be bringing cutting edge philosophies and methodologies to South Africa and Crowdsourcing is integral to this new wave philosophy.

The barrier to entry to business and entrepreneurship has never been so low – with the only equipment necessary is a smartphone.. along with some imagination and innovation together with know how.
The new era of business and entrpreneurship is ideal for South Africa with its huge unemployment and under resourced communities.

Our mission behind this project can be summed up as follows –
It is our intention that at least 4 500 people to attend Start-UP South Africa’s Entrepreneur’s Seminar in May 2013. We are envisioning empowering and inspiring each delegate with the confidence and the knowledge to take the plunge and run with their inner entrepreneur and make their dreams and mission a reality and by doing so empowering their community through creating employment and skills enhancement which will necessitate the need for improved public sector infrastructure which will create more employment and ultimately contribute substantially to the growth of the GDP of the country; which in turn empowers government to provide the basic needs of humanity to each and every person in the country which means improved healthcare, brick and mortar homes for all with sanitation and running water.

Each delegate that attends the seminar will be invited to submit a ONE page BIG IDEA proposal which will be assessed by the Start-Up SA team and the funding partners with the outcome being that TWO projects/ business ideas are selected for assistance in securing crowdfunding.

If 80% come away from this event empowered and inspired with an innovative business idea, and 60% submit develop their ideas for the funding ‘prize’ at least 45% of those plans will be powerful potentially bankable business plans where the creator will feel inspired to take the next step and launch his or her business irrespective of whether they win the funding or not!!

What we are creating here is not just ONE business outcome but many many more…

And empowerment from grassroots is the sustainable way forward for the country and the development of entrepreneurs will lead to individuals being empowered, followed by families, communities, towns, cities, country and continent.

I hope that is offers you more insight into what we would love to achieve and why we would really love you to be a part of this project either by attending or contributing for phenomenal rewards. I sincerely believe that you being a part of this venture will add so much value and excitement for all invovled and you will be contributing to something magnificent and empowering in South Africa.

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