IVF – Birthing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit™

There are THREE key ingredients to ensuring your entrepreneurial success and once these are in place success is guaranteed – it is impossible to not succeed.


IVF - Birthing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit™

IVF – Birthing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit™

I have developed this methodology after studying many of the great texts and writings of financial and philosophical leaders over the last centuries and it boils down to three simple but crucial elements that when absolutely true, clear and specific to you as an entrepreneur you will achieve whatever it is you wish and desire to achieve.

Take a look at your job, vocation or business or even that planned business you wish to start and go through these following steps and once you are clear on them you will sure to be on an enormously exciting path in attaining your goals  –

‘I’ – Inspiration

Are you inspired by what you are doing or planning to do?  Is it congruent with your hierarchy of values? Will you jump out of bed each and every day, excited to get going? Will Monday Morning Blues, Hump Day Wednesdays and TGI Fridays be alien to you? Will you endure challenge in pursuit of your dream and goals? Is what you are doing or plan to do in line with your Telos – your own unique highest value or purpose in life? (Telos is the greek term used for ‘chief aim’ and refers to our purpose in life).

If the answer to these questions is yes – then you will be inspired from within and not require external motivation. You will be enormously creative in your vocation, you will be vibrant and energetic, you will be focused and most importantly you will have so much FUN.

‘V’ – Value

Do you or will you provide a valuable service to others? Will what you do provide a service to an ever increasing number of people?  Is what you do or wish to do something that people need and require in their lives? We all have an enormously powerful set of unique experiences inside of us that our lives have given us – and there are people around the world who will pay to learn from your experiences so that they can grow quicker and exponentially and you can use these experiences in the product and service you provide in your vocation.

The more people you serve the wider your sphere of influence and the greater number of people you will get to serve – it is natural and integral in our nature to wish to serve.

‘F’ – Financial

Is there money and profits in what we are doing or what we would love to do? Have you identified the most efficient manner to access that money in your business?

Our highest point of potential income lies in our purpose in life, as a purpose in life by its very nature is a service and when we are on purpose, we are congruent with our hierarchy of values and we are at our MOST inspired.

When we are most inspired and when we are offering a valuable service to people and the vehicle we are using is profitable – there is only one outcome and that is SUCCESS!!!

We make great money when we are inspired, offering great value and the vehicle we are using is profitable.

IVF – Birthing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit™

Contact me if you would love me to work with you in applying this methodology to your vocation or entrepreneurial business.

With these simple ingredients you are guaranteed to make great money whilst doing what you love and living the life you love… what is more important than this?

As Wallace Wattles says in his book ‘The Science of being Rich’

‘no man can achieve his true potential in life by being poor’.

It is right and natural to wish for great wealth as it is with great wealth that we have the opportunity to achieve our potential and by doing so leave a legacy – and that is a fundamental desire we all have!

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