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Monday morning and what meets many hundreds and thousands of busy bees on their way to work around the world this morning… doom and gloom from our sensational seeking journalists being paid meagre salaries (desperate to hold o to their jobs) by the media moguls who form part of the 5% of the population with over 90% of the wealth…. mmm think about it!!!

As we take ourselves off to work this morning are we any the richer for reading this stuff? Or are we that little bit more under the control of the controlling who mould our daily thoughts??



Stop reading the garbage being churned out daily the media.

STOP taking the newspapers that are now handed out FREE every morning and every evening in many cities around the world – ask yourself WHY are they being handed out for free?

STOP watching the increasing plethora of 24 hour news channels spewing our ever more  inane details on looming crisis and disaster…


Unless you are able to see the phenomenal opportunities that these media moguls are trying to sell to us as challenges!

Today I read about a report released by an ‘industry study’ conducted by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) –  ‘One in Nine Shops Vacant’..

‘the town centre vacancy rate off 11.3% was the worst figure since the survey began in July last year…’

‘major brands such as JJB Sports, Clinton Cards,  Blacks Leisure, Game and Peacocks have either disappeared or scaled back their presence after going into administration. The collapse of electrical retailer Comet this month is likely to be another blow’…..


Business Opportunities

Can you SEE the business opportunities in this situation?

The BRC are calling on government to ‘breathe life back into our town centres and ensure the retail industry can play its full role in job creation, it needs to freeze rates in 2013’…..and so on and so on..

Who is NOT listening to the consumer here?  The consumer behaviour is changing so instead of trying to hold on to old habits – just because that is the way things used to be…. move with the times…

And as the reader instead of being drawn into the doom and misery of this ‘crisis’ see the phenomenal opportunities…

There has been no recession on the internet, people are spending more today than they were last year – but not on the High Street – on the Internet.

Internet Business Opportunities

This year for the first time, more money will be spent on the internet buying Christmas presents that ever before and will eclipse the spend of the High Street. The internet business opportunities are endless today.

So today you have a consumer product – as the manufacturer or producer – you do not need complex distribution deals with rebates and discount negotiations, you do not need to struggle with cashflow waiting for retail corporate  to pay you when they grace your product onto their shelves. You do not need to pay large fees to the retailer for prominent shelf space..in fact you do not need to pay exorbitant marketing and advertising fees with gurus of ‘subliminal messages’ designing ads for your product that leave you totally confused as to how this is a ‘call to action’ and pay ridiculous amounts of your profit margin for printed space – especially as more and more people are switching onto the dis-ease of printed media.

You can have your own shop front on the world wide web… sell you own product keeping a larger portion of the profit, manage your own customer service, your own distribution… and so on all whilst making MORE money than before….

Oh, you don’t want the hassle of distribution, or manufacturing the product, you just have the idea… well no worries – because today with the onset of Crowdsourcing – you have nothing more than an idea and it can be made into a reality using resources from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home…

The internet is the new shopping mall, online word of mouth is the new marketing stream, crowdsourcing is the new production methodology.

Make Money from Home

As I have said numerous times before there have never been so many phenomenal opportunities and the barrier to entry into entrepreneurship has never been so low… no large leases, shopfits, marketing budgets or even manufacturing – all you need is the idea, the know how and internet.

Get your product out there on the Net and if you don’t know how… there is NO shortage of information or training courses available to help you get off the ground. This time more than any other time – the world is TRULY your Oyster!

Now is the time to take control of your future, not the government, not the media, not the corporates, but you to take the controls and create the life you would love by making money online and making money from your own home has never been easier.

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