Self Branding to Catapult your Entrepreneurial Success


She has branded herself-Have you?

She has branded herself-Have you?

It is pretty obvious we are in an era of Branding through connection – we are branding ourselves all the time these days on not only what we wear, where we hang out but also through our social media forums. We are doing this as part of our daily routines in growing numbers and connecting with people globally more and more each day through the growing number of social and digital media forums.

As this gathers momentum more and more entrepreneurs are using this self branding to the benefit of their business – as they grow their ‘internet persona’ in an effort to increase brand awareness and demand for their product or service.

And as the power of the internet grows and the technology becomes more and more mainstream, like switching on the kettle in your kitchen, or picking up the phone to call someone this form of branding and manner of securing business opportunities will continue to grow as can be seen through the explosion of crowdsourcing (which is essentially outsourcing tasks to an undefined group of people – and this can mean outsourcing tasks that were once handled by staff).

Now is the time as STAFF that we take control of our entrepreneurial self. It is time to build our personal brand congruent with our vocation. If we don’t we are essentially beholden to our employers. Today job security is at an all time low. In fact a report issued yesterday in the UK states that a large majority of employees are terrified to take sick leave these days for fear that they will be selected for redundancy – whilst I can see the benefit of this for employers who lose millions each year due to staff sick leave  – often taken as a matter of course because it is seen as an entitlement or for a hangover – this is enormously indicative of how over powered and at risk the employee can be.

So what is the answer, how does an employee become a valuable resource not just to the company they work for but for themselves and for any other company needing their expertise?

Simple – Brand Yourself in line with your Vocation.

If we do this, should we be forced to leave a job for one reason or another, the dynamics of re-employment completely change – instead one is not a tiny sea horse rarely seen and never heard in a massive ocean but a graceful dolphin, visible and commanding respect, being sought after and admired  from afar and up close.

Some tips on doing this –

  1.       Be a Leader in your job – possess the attitude of an entrepreneur.
  2.       Be outstanding with what you do – if you are going to do anything do it well!
  3.       Brand by Association – you are the sum of those you surround yourself with.
  4.       Brand yourself by reciprocation – get to know others in similar jobs in other companies and other industries and establish a network forum.
  5.       Have a blog or website, have a facebook page – offer insights, lessons learned in your specific field, engage with others in business. We all have a PhD of our lives inside us, we all have unique and powerful life experiences.
  6.       Write a book or ebook, it has never been so easy today to get a book published through self publishing and once you have done this you then can send to publishers – established publishers love the fact that you have put your money where your mouth is and actually gone and done it and have a marketing strategy with social presence. This does not mean that you now want to give up your job and become a writer or author – but it will set you on a path of being considered an authority in your subject and this applies to ANY job – no matter where you fit in on the ladder.
  7.       Offer free gifts for people to subscribe to your newsletter – these can be products you produce yourself or one of the many many FREE resources available on line that many people do not know are available free (for example one of the MOST powerful books we can read today is Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – I have that for download for free, as it is out of copyright. I am offering subscribers the opportunity to win TWO PLATINUM TICKETS to the Entrepreneur’s Seminar when they subscribe), and send monthly or weekly INFORMATIVE newsletters – create a community around what you do. Imagine being a PA for example and connecting with PA’s from around the world??
  8.       Brand yourself with testimonials and shamelessly display them on your website and LinkedIn profile.
  9.       Collaborate – the potential and opportunities these days to collaborate and widen your sphere of influence has never been easier.

Doing all of this and more, profiles you, packages you  – so that YOU are in the POWER seat. You are the LEADER the entrepreneur the person any self respecting company cannot do without!

Of course all entrepreneurs self employed with their own businesses are doing all this already… I hope!

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