You’ll learn groundbreaking concepts, new philosophies, theories and details of where we are heading in the world of business, economics and finance that will allow you to take powerful control of your destiny and achieve success as a new world entrepreneur.

You will hear from experts and specialists from around the world – each masters in their field and world authorities in their area of expertise –

The World Class Speakers –

Steve Wozniak

American computer engineer and programmer who founded Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Jobs – Steve needs little introduction as his contribution to modern day technology is legendary.

A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for more than thirty years, Steve Wozniak has helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple’s first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. In 1976, Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer Inc. with Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. The following year, he introduced his Apple II personal computer, featuring a central processing unit, a keyboard, colour graphics, and a floppy disk drive. The Apple II was integral in launching the personal computer industry.

Steve will discuss entrepreneurship and the opportunities in creative and innovative technology of today. 
more info on Steve.

Thabang Skwambane

Thabang is a highly acclaimed life changing speaker, a maverick, a visionary. He has a unique ability to access a large audience, to inspire change not only by making people think differently, but making them go away and “do” differently. Thabang is founding Director of The Lonely Road Foundation, an organisation set up to help rural communities manage their own orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) problems.
He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) degree from the University of Cape Town. Thabang went from working for Mark Shuttleworth to merchant and investment banking and left a successful career at Standard Bank as a Merchant Banker to get involved in the struggle of our era, preserving our quality of life.
Through his work in the HIV/AIDS space, Thabang has become passionate about “the Lost Generation”, a generation of young Africans who are without love, support, means and opportunity. Thabang got on a bicycle, alone and unsupported, and cycled to Mt. Kilimanjaro (Moshe) in Tanzania. This journey of 5,456 km took him through six countries and at the end of his journey he climbed Kilimanjaro with friends and family. He, experienced great hardship during this three-month escapade, he was robbed at knife-point, endured the cold, the heat, illness, wild animals, was hit by a truck, suffered dysentery, lived with the local people and lost 14 kilograms. His challenge was to maintain a substantial distance per day, 110 km, and to arrive at the foot of Kilimanjaro within a certain time frame.
He has been recognised for his achievement by the media, his peers and was selected as a finalist in the Johnny Walker Striding Man Search competition. Thabang is a Tutu Fellow and a current Edward S. Mason Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He can now be seen speaking to multitudes of people about the importance of “mobilising to save a country”.
We are really proud to have Thabang on our line up of speakers and is flying over from the States specifically to speak at the event where he will return the following day to graduate. He was one of only a few out of many thousands selcted to complete an MBA at Harvard Kennedy School. We are enormously proud to be partnering with his amazing organisation -The Lonely Road Foundation. It is the youth and children that this organisation who will be the entreprenurs of tomorrow.

 Dr John Demartini

Dr Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 courses covering multiple aspects of human development.

Dr Demartini will be presenting his revolutionary ‘Where is my Billion’ masterclass.
Do you wonder what you can do to create abundant fortune and wealth in your life? Would you love to discover your hidden wealth building potential and activate it? If your answer is yes, then join Dr John Demartini, an internationally published author and sought after leadership and self mastery expert at his evening talk, ‘Where’s my Billion?’ where you will learn how to identify your hidden billion and be shown how to unlock and transform it into liquid wealth.

Discover proven wealth building strategies and shift your life into a new gear of financial possibilities in 2013.  more info on Dr John Demartini….

Raymond Aaron

As one of the most exciting and sought-after speakers, Raymond Aaron has committed his life to teaching people just like YOU how to utilize his amazing, proven wealth creation systems to double your income. Raymond’s highly innovative techniques and strategies show you how to take total conscious control of your life so you can spend more time doing only what you love to do … making more money than you ever dreamed possible.
A NY Times bestselling author a number times over with books from the Chicken Soup series and Double Your Income Doing What You Love, Raymond teaches you how to have your business work harder for you than you work for it.  He is world-famous for showing you how to earn more money in one month than you previously earned all year.
To prove that you can do anything with the right guidance, Raymond stunned the world by entering what is called “probably the world’s toughest race”.  It is a 350 mile, month-long foot-race to the North Pole.  Racers haul behind them a sled with all their provisions weighing 100 pounds.  The average temperature was -40º and the worst temperature experienced was -68º.  The most serious danger was polar bears.  Raymond completed this grueling race at age 62. to learn more about Raymond..

Andy Harrington

Andy Harrington is founder of The Professional Speakers Academy where he coaches the worlds very best speakers. His video for the search term “Public Speaking” is THE number 1 on You Tube and Google.
The company he started with a £10,000 loan in 1998 has gone on to pull in more than 52 million pounds in sales.
He has spoken alongside luminaries such as Sir Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, Anthony Robbins, Bob Geldof, Brian Tracy, Paul McKenna and T Harv Eker, and Bob Proctor of The Secret. He has spoken to massive audiences at the UK’s most prestigious venues such as The London o2 Arena, The ExCel Centre, and Wembley Conference Centre.

During Andy’s presentation and masterclass you will learn about the
The “Stress Free Speaker System” so you can perform at your peak every time you speak;
Andy’s “Secret Storytelling System” so you’ll be able to illustrate your key points without being boring;
How to position yourself as an authority in your subject and engender trust; How to sell from the platform and
have massive six/seven figure pay days selling your product and services. For more details on Andy….

Carl Esposti

Carl Esposti is the CEO of massolution, a research, advisory and implementation firm that specializes in helping organizations explore, design and implement crowdsourcing and crowdfunding business models. He is also the Founder of the industry website Crowdsourcing.org, the leading international website on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.
The term Crowdsourcing and its brother term Crowdfunding is gathering momentum around the globe with President Obama passing laws to specifically encourage the growth of this phenomena. It will augment the way we do business, it will reshape the way we operate and raise capital. In its simplest form it could be described as an advanced form of outsourcing with the whole planet at our fingertips.

Carl will speak about
How crowdsourcing is changing the way we do business
How crowdsourcing has changed the paradigm for competition in all industry sectors
The potential inherent in crowdsourcing and its use as a tool for businesses and organizations
The ins and outs of crowdsourcing – history, crowdsourcing systems and crowdsourcing applications including Crowdfunding. For more info on Carl…

Judy van Niekerk

Judy van Niekerk, having studied business, physics and a student of quantum physics, is a professional coach, mentor, author and speaker with 20 years entrepreneurial experience. Judy has established many pioneering ventures, a blue ocean thinker, she now dedicates her life to inspiring people across the globe to acknowledge their purpose and align their values to their entrepreneurial pursuits through coaching, mentoring and using her own experiences in successes and failures to empower others. Judy is devoted to empowering others to live masterful lives, unlocking their inner entrepreneur to create the wealth and life of their dreams.
Judy ardently loves South Africa and believes that it has phenomenal potential to lead Africa into the next economic generation and is dedicated to bringing the latest cutting edge methodologies and technologies to the country; which is the inspiration behind her coordinating this line up of speakers from around the globe.. In her opinion the barrier to entry into entrepreneurship has never been so low which is perfect for the demographic of South Africa today. She is dedicated to leading the way forward in entrepreneurship being a balance of free enterprise and social responsibility. “Think big or stay home; What we do today is just as valuable as what we plan for tomorrow and dream for our future” – Judy van Niekerk. For more details on Judy

Leonard Brody

Leonard Brody is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He has helped raise millions of dollars for start-up companies, been through one of the largest internet IPOs in history and has been involved in the building, financing and sale of many companies to date.
Much critical acclaim has followed Leonard in his endeavours. At Onvia (where he was part of the initial executive) the company was voted Canada’s number one startup in 2000 and subsequently closed a $240 Million IPO on NASDAQ.
In 2004, Leonard co-founded NowPublic.com which is a pioneer in the field of user generated news. The company was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 50 websites in the world, was inducted into the Newseum in Washington and was recently acquired by the Anschutz Corporation. Currently Leonard sits as the President of the Clarity Digital Group responsible for overseeing one of the largest online news conglomerates in the world including Examiner.com and NowPublic, which between them, share over 20 million unique visitors a month and over 200,000 contributors.
Leonard who also today strategically assists on the social and digital media side, Start-UP SA with their global campaign to raise the funds through Crowdfunding to help finance 1000 under resourced entrepreneurs to attend the Entrepreneur’s Seminar in 2013 as well as secure membership for these entrepreneurs at The Hub in Johannesburg which provides the requirements for aspiring entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground For more information on this click here.

Going hand in hand with the modern phenomena of Crowdsourcing is Social and Digital media and Leonard will base his presentation and masterclass on this topic, specifically the Myosis – the human vs internet persona. For more detials on Leonard click here.

Charles Leadbeater

Charlie Leadbeater is an author, a leading authority on innovation, strategy and education, and one of the most influential creative people in the world. He has advised companies, cities and governments, and is former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s favourite corporate thinker. He is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading innovative thinkers on the future of learning, in the developed and the developing world. His renowned work, Learning from the Extremes, looked at the demand for innovative approaches to low cost, mass forms of education in the developing world. His TED talks on innovation have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

In 2002 he was listed by GQ magazine as one of the Most Powerful Men in the UK. The New York Times anointed Charlie’s idea, The Pro-Am Revolution, as one of the biggest global ideas of 2004. In 2005 Charlie was ranked by Accenture, the global management consultancy, as one of the 30 top management thinkers in the world. In 2007 the Financial Times ranked him the outstanding innovation expert in the UK, and in 2008, the Spectator Magazine described him as “the wizard of the web”.

Charlie will focus his presentation on the future of entrpreneurship, innovation and the web culture and how to stay ahead during these exciting and changing times. He will also present a masterclass on the topical subject of “How the web’s cloud culture is changing how we create and share ideas” along with Ben Casnocha. For more information about Charlie click here.

Ben Casnocha

Ben Casnocha is an award winning entrepreneur and author from Silicon Valley.
He is coauthor, with LinkedIn chairman Reid Hoffman, of the #1 New York Times bestselling career strategy book “The Start-Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career.” He is also author of the book “My Start-Up Life: What a (Very) Young CEO Learned on His Journey Through Silicon Valley” which the New York Times called “precocious, informative, and entertaining.” He has written for Newsweek, the American Enterprise Institute, and the U.S. State Department.
In addition to his writing, Ben is a technology entrepreneur. He founded Comcate, Inc., a leading e-government software company, at age 14.
PoliticsOnline named him one of the “25 most influential people in the world of internet and politics.” He also incubates and advises internet entrepreneurs at Wasabi Ventures.
BusinessWeek named Ben “one of America’s top young entrepreneurs.” And dozens of outlets have covered his work including CNN, The Economist, and CNBC.
Currently only in his twenties, he offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, careers, and education. Ben will be presenting his talk on “How to harness your Entrepreneurial Spirit” at the seminar as well as the masterclass with Charles Leadbeater, “How the web’s cloud culture is changing how we create and share ideas”. For more info on Ben click here..

Kevin Berg Grell

Kevin joined Crowdsourcing LLC in December 2011, where he developed the Crowdfunding Accreditation for Platform Standards (CAPS) program; an accreditation program to assist intermediaries in the emerging crowdfunding ecosystem, overcoming one of the main obstacles for any intermediary, namely gaining trust. The CAPS program is constructed in a way that allows its constituents to always be up to speed with the best practices exercised globally. Prior to joining Crowdsourcing Kevin worked as a researcher and lecturer at University of Southern Denmark from where he also holds an MSc in mathematics and economics and a PHD in business economics (finance).
Kevin will co host a Masterclass with Carl on the future of Crowdfunding and how you can make it work for you and its potential impact on global economies.

Grace Kelly

Through Grace’s inspiring presentation at the Breakaway Masterclass of the Brand of YOU she will awaken your greatest Health and Leadership, from the inside out, where you will create simple and effective results enabling you to experience your greatest Work, Wealth and Well-being of all time.
Having studied a wide range of methodologies Grace empowers people to find their balance in Health, Wealth and Stlye and guides you in using simple methods that will bring you the results you desire in the shortest time.
Image is often overlooked and is so essential to success and Grace will help you see what makes YOU special and how to create the right image for you and acknowledge your Style Spirit which will catapult your success beyond your imagination.

Camile Araujo

Camile Araujo is an author and international inspirational speaker who throuh her own experiences has learnt how essential and glorious it is to listen to your inner voice. We all have our own unique inner voice that guides us through life, keeping us on our purpose and which has the ability to guide us to magnificnece however with the fast pace of modern day society and immediate gratification we tend to drown out that voice. Camile guides her clients to reconnect with that inner voice which is guaranteed to unlock your potential in all aspects of your life including your Entreprenurial endeavours.
“Embark on your own personal journey to discover the power of your own inner voice” – Camile Araujo.

Greg “Lucralover” Etherton

Greg is a Californian living in Paris and he is the master of TIME OFF. He has just come off what he calls a “Reverse Sabbatical”. He took almost seven years off and his claim to fame is that from 22 – 39 when he did work, it was only half the year. He took odd jobs the other half of the year. The fun half was spent traveling, studying languages and cultures. He happily reports that while he lived in and enjoyed foreign countries, his money was working for him. And it all started by saving just 10% of all he earned.

His first book, “Pay Yourself First”, (as endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki, Dr John Demartini, Raymond Aaron, Brian Tracy and more!) is a simple guide which outlines his approach to enjoying life fully and saving money. It is an easy “how to book” that anyone can implement. He exemplifies how you too can have both TIME and MONEY. He practices what he preaches and does what he teaches. You will even learn how to explore what he calls in the book “Retirement Practice”. By spending time doing things you love and still have your money make money.

Personal development is by far Greg’s best recommendation growing better in business and personal affaires, at the top of the list is the timeless question “who am I”?. He says his most profitable investment is TIME to be able to explore and enjoy the inner power and beauty of each of us. But since you need the time to see the innermost beauty of your true self, he will explain some of the secrets from his first book on creating the money to “buy back your precious time”. Time is paramount.

He also has an amazing second book “Protonic Speaking” ~ Powerfully Express your Potential, where he shows you how to compliment and take care of the rest. You will love his simple messages inspiring you onto happiness, love and fulfillment. Through the power of YOUR MIND and THOUGHT, he teaches you how to have more awareness and where with all to tap into your Greatness, inner genius and his favorite – GRATITUDE.

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