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Start-Up SA will change the way you think about Entrepreneurship

Start-Up SA will change the way you think about Entrepreneurship

This Entrepreneur’s Seminar is focused around the Start-Up of YOU

In these times we need to be Entrepreneurs in our careers as staff, being employed as importantly as we need to be if we are self employed with our own businesses.

This programme has been designed to give you the tools to do this and is as relevant to current entrepreneurs and business owner as it is to those currently employed and those who have Start-Ups or are about to Start!



This day is dedicated to our charities and partners. All the speakers will gather in Soweto to present their guidance and advice to the young aspiring entrepreneurs in school and college (destination to be finalised).

Many of the speakers are really excited about this opportunity with some coming out to South Africa a day earlier than required to make sure they take part.



The speakers delivering their presentations today are visionaries and experienced strategists. They will take us on a journey through the eras of the last century into the next generation and will explore the critical elements and talents that will need to be nurtured to not only thrive but shine.

With the tricks of the trade and practical guidance we will gain – the knowledge we will come away with will change our lives for ever, as well as giving us a cutting edge in the marketplace.

Equipped with the latest trends in crowdsourcing and the growing phenomena of crowdfunding.

We will journey through the undoubtable benefits of remaining a Start-Up, irrespective of how long the business has been in operation for and will see the unique benefits that offers as innovation and collaboration is key to future  success.

It is wise for Entrepreneurs to understand their values and to see where in their business their financial value lies and how to ensure congruency in all aspect of live to assist financial growth and wealth building.



This morning is a HIGH energy and dynamic experience with the selected speakers set to rock you with thier insights and guidance that you can use to experience rapid results.

It will be focused on unlocking your power, getting you to No 1 – being the authority in your vocation – giving you the edge – to achieve the results beyond what you could have imagined.

Afternoon –

This is certianly the FINALE with Masterclasses and intimate Q&A sessions with the Leaders. There is limited space to these sessions. Some examples of the sessions will be –

  • The Full Monty on Crowdsourcing and Crowdfunding and Funding in General
  • The Branding of YOU and your Business
  • You Are What Yiou Share – How the WEB’s Cloud culture is changing how we create and share ideas
  • with more to come (to be announced soon)


A field trip for the some of the crew from Start-UP SA and speakers to experience some of the projects of our valued partner – The Lonely Road Tickets are for sale for 28 and 29 May 2013.

(the Soweto and Field Trips are not public events)

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