Success – what is it?


goals are achieved through consistent action

goals are achieved through consistent action

Do you know what success is?  Have you got a definition of success for your life? Do you have a Road Map for your life?  Or are you limping along with no particular aim in mind?

Success is simply what you define it as, whatever that may mean or be to you.

To me success is living the life I love, loving the life I live, achieving my goals (which I have many) and serving an ever greater number of people.

On the goals – they need to be HUGE, MASSIVE…almost IMPOSSIBLE – as Donald Trump says –

‘if you are going to think, think BIG’ and why not?

An integral element to an Entrepreneur is the concept of Success.. and as we know an Entrepreneur can be either employed or have their own business. Just to sidetrack quickly – it does not automatically follow that if you are self employed and have you own your own business that you are an Entrepreneur – nope!! An Entrepreneur is a state of mind! An approach we take as entrepreneurs, which is completely different to the approach we take as job holders.

Are you an entrepreneur in your vocation or are you a worker in your job!!!! I would say that one gets by as a worker in a job, however an entrepreneur succeeds in their vocation where potential is vast and limitless.

Know what it is you would LOVE to do, be clear on what you want and be crystal clear on what you want to be. (have a Be, Do, Have list)

As T Harv Eker says “people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want”

How true is that?

As Jim Rohn has said on many occasions  -There are THREE questions we need to ask ourselves to create SUCCESS –

  1.       What do we want to do- define it, be clear on it
  2.       Why do it
  3.       How to do it.

We often hear  –  The bigger the WHY, the How will take care of itself – this is absolutely true – However.. we need to assist it along the way.

I’m afraid to say that whilst I think the movie The Secret was a phenomenal success story and got many millions of people in touch with a deeper meaning to life, it has created a general feeling that all we need to do is to sit back, focus and the cup of coffee or millions of cheques will just miraculously appear – NO!! But they most certainly will if we put the right steps in place.

The FOUR steps behind the psychology of success..

  1.      Have meaningful goals (what you want and why you want it – this keeps momentum)
  2.       Plan it with surgical precision to the finest detail (as Dr John Demartini says any detail you leave out will be a stumbling block to the success of the goal)
  3.       Commit 100% – make sure there is NO going back or as some would say – burn your bridges – remember the Barnes story of Success from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, chapter 2? If you have not read this book as an entrepreneur you are missing out on valuable ingredients that will be the creation to your phenomenal success (download it on this website for free,
  4.       Associate with likeminded people – people who are successful, wealthy, possess similar mindset – we are the sum of those we surround ourselves with.

According to Tony Robbins ‘80% of success is psychology and only 20% is mechanics’ –  and energy effects your psychology… motion creates energy… motion is taking action and consistent action achieves goals… which leads to success!

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