The Event

The Entrepreneurs’ Seminar



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When there is a Master in town there is wisdom in spending time with them – like putting your hand into a pot of glue, some will stick; as will some of the genius of the Masters you spend time with.

We don’t just have just one master coming to town but FIFTEEN global speakers and leaders under one roof

As we progress to the tail end of this recession we are heading into a new era of evolution – the ENTREPRENURIAL REVOLUTUION.

We are moving into an era of collaboration through an advanced form of globalisation – the globalisation experienced to date has been massive, however the next generation will be the true essence of globalisation – collaboration and crowdsourcing.

Never before has the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs been so low.  With little more needed than imagination, some innovation and a smartphone.

This is the perfect set of ingredients for South African entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to launch themselves, the country and continent as the leaders in this next era.

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