Gala Reception

Undoubtedly the pinnacle of the event after a long Day One, this is a chance to chillax with the Stars of the event – YOU – as the entrepreneurs who make collaborations and events like this possible.

It is through events such as this that likeminded people meet and homogeneous alliances are formed and that is the way of the future.

You will have an opportunity to mingle with many of the speakers and the ‘A’ list guest list we are finalising.

We want to use this opportunity to also raise funds for our valued charity partner – The Lonely Road

  –  The Lonely Road Foundation





The Lonely Road Foundation empowers a grassroots, community-based response to critical issues for children in rural and underprivileged communities across South Africa who have been orphaned and made vulnerable.

Launched as an activation agency, The Lonely Road initiates projects, links to existing support programmes and creates a sustainable environment for rural and underprivileged communities to build their own capacity to care for their Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

Through a commitment to working in partnership with existing organizations and stakeholders (such as Government, NGOs, Corporate Companies, Funding Institutions and Volunteers), The Lonely Road Foundation provides underprivileged communities with:

 Legal support

Financial support

Operational support

 They strive to gather resources and explore sustainable methods to actively support the growing number of child-headed households.

What The Lonely Road DOES –

They work hard to motivate and support rural and underprivileged communities to access the resources that will assist them in managing the health and well-being of their orphans and vulnerable children by helping to meet their basic needs and human rights.

These basic needs form our 4 Priority Areas:

 Food & Water




And we are having a ‘WISH LIST’ auction to raise funds for these amazing guys. With phenomenal experiences on auction graciously sponsored by our community. There will be more details on this closer to the time – suffice it to say that it will be Glitz and Glamour throughout!


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