Our Partners

Not only is Start-UP South Africa a vehicle for empowering and inspiring entrepreneurs currently in business as well as aspiring entrepreneurs but it is ALSO a Start-Up itself.

as we truly believe that it is only through free enterprise and social responsibility can we make a difference in our world – we take our motto from Ghandi’s quote

‘be the change you would love to see in this world’.

Our motto ‘I am the change’ stems from our dedication to walking the talk and the journey of this project will be one that is much publicised and openly demonstrated – with a view to ‘showing’ what we believe is the future of entrepreneurship and wealth building globally.

We believe that the way forward for sustainable growth is throguh collaboration and partnerships.

We are proud to be associated with these amazing organisations and are enormously greateful for the opportunity and it is our desire to serve them as much as they serve us!

The Lonely Road Foundation
CVLC Communications

with more being announced in the near future!

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