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 The economic outlook is grim, economies are on the brink of collapse, the world is in debt like it never has been before and there is little sight of recovery any time soon.

Corporates and public service organisations are no longer the main stay of our countries and economies. Politicians and governments are floundering with crisis after crisis around the globe which continues to rock the foundation of modern day macro and micro economics.

Banks are no longer perceived as the backbone of treasury in our country but rather looked on with great suspicion and certainly no longer a reliable source for funding.  

On the surface, it increasingly looks bleak as governments are powerless to help those struggling the most, as many people face an uncertain and insecure future.

The time is NOW for us to take control of our own lives, our own destiny and that power is within every single one of us!

At The Entrepreneurs’ Seminar  our carefully selected speakers (all of who are enormously successful entrepreneurs with phenomenally healthy bank balances) will teach you

·         how to find the power within you

·         How to take control of your destiny

·         To make life-altering decisions and own your innovation and brilliance

·         How to stay focused on your goals

·         How to UNIQUELY brand yourself

·         How to differentiate yourself from the competition

·         How to use this new SOCIAL era in your business

·         How to understand and work with the new era we are moving into

·         How Collaboration, True Globalisation, Crowdsourcing and Innovation are the essential ingredients for the future and how YOU can use these cutting edge tools to ensure your success

·         And INSPIRE you

The definition of SUCCESS in the words of Earl Nightingale

“Success is defined as the progressive realisation of a worthy idea”

And as entrepreneurs we don’t wait around for opportunities to come our way – we make our own opportunities

We don’t see challenges as obstacles but rather opportunities

As entrepreneurs we understand the words of leading Psychologist Rollo May when he said in his book ‘Man’s search for himself’ –

“the opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice – it is conforming’

And that is one ingredient that each of the mentors and speakers at The Entrepreneurs’ Seminar DO NOT have – conformity!

They have courage and are authorities – and they will show YOU how best for you to use your courage and authority in progressively realising your worthy idea

Grab this unique opportunity with both hands and give yourself the powerful edge to be the BEST that you are TODAY and book NOW for this premier event.

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As one of the most exciting and sought-after speakers, Raymond Aaron has committed his life to teaching people just like YOU how to utilize his amazing, proven wealth creation systems to double your income.

As one of the most exciting and sought-after speakers, Raymond Aaron has committed his life to teaching people just like YOU how to utilize his amazing, proven wealth creation systems to double your income.

Raymond Aaron was one on the FIRST people ever to be paid $1 MILLION for a 90 minute talk – and we are privileged to have him presenting at The Entrepreneurs’ Seminar. Internationally acclaimed for his ability to guide you in doubling your income doing what you love!

Leonard Brody and his company was the LARGEST internet IPO in history

Steve Wozniak was co-founder with Steve Jobs of Apple Inc, today the world’s number 1 brand! Bigger than Google, Facebook, Nike, Coca-Cola

We have secured these phenomenal people and many more to guide you to achieving the greatness you possess!

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At The Entrepreneur’s Seminar You Will learn:

·         The secret ingredient for success from Dr John Demartini who will speak about values and how to value your values and where your wealth lies.

·         How to stay focused on your goals

·         What the future of business is and where are we headed

·         What is the next new boom

·         The power and the benefits as well as cautions required from the advanced internet’s cloud and collective / collaboration culture

·         Why now, in the depths of a recession, is an ideal time to be an entrepreneur…

·         Strategies for collaboration and the new era of crowdsourcing and leveraging the success of others to shorten your learning curve.

·         Critically –  Little-known but simple strategies for raising capital for your business whether it is a start-up or established business or you have a project that can turn into a business.

·         How to manage money and why we don’t and why only 5% of the world is successful and how you can be one of those in a few EASY strategies

·         Where is YOUR wealth

·         How to use the INTERNET to create passive wealth

·         And much, much more!


Once you have decided to own your power and achieve the success you desire, you need the mechanics and the practicalities of what you DO to get there and the mindset  that you need to win.

At The Entrepreneurs’ Seminar we will guide you through this in a succinct manner that you will take with you and replicate in your daily life.

We take our motto from the words of Ghandi

‘Be the change you would love to see in the world’

Our motto is ‘I am the CHANGE’

I say to you ‘are you?’


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