Why Start-Up South Africa?

Hi, I am Judy van Niekerk, and I am known for my ‘YES WE CAN DO  IT’ attitude to life. Welcome to my site and my project which is being made possible with the collaboration of many people from around the world using the methodologies and new paradigm philosophies that I would love to see further  developed in South Africa through this project.

My vision for this project borne from my mission to empower millions across the globe in my lifetime is to empower the country of South Africa.

An extremely effective way to empower a country is for its country men and women to be financially stable and this is most effectively done through entrepreneurship – where the individual takes responsibility for creating their OWN income to provide for him or herself and family.

The barrier to entry into entrepreneurship has never been to low with only innovation, know how and a smart phone being required to start.

I had the great fortune to not have been ‘socialised’ or programmed by society as a young child growing up in Ireland as a result of largely being ‘imprisoned’ for the most part of my childhood without going to school or having been influenced or pressured by peer groups – which I suppose gives me the YES WE CAN DO IT attitude to life. Through this I have learnt that nothing is impossible. That we can give ourselves permission to be extraordinary and even dare to be magnificent and daily I am guided by my favourite Mantra –

“I am a Master, I Master everything I put my mind to”

As a result of my upbringing I have a very broad and uninhibited view of life which I am enormously grateful for and has led me to leading thus far an enormously creative and varied life.

I love anything Pioneering, I love anything that is out of kilter from the norm and I certainly love doing things with great emphasis, energy, drive and driven by inspiration.

There is not much in the form of sports I have not dabbled in from a stint Motor Bike racing in Italy, representing South Africa at World Cup and World Championship SCUBA Diving (I have over 2000 dives), Competitive swimming, cross ocean water skiing, kayaking, flying – fixed wing, micro lights, hang gliders and competitive paragliding, ultra marathons, cycling races.

I have won many business awards over the years including International Woman Winemaker of the world and Brave Woman of Britain to name two.

Of course this has had its many challenges throughout my life with the result that I have been asked to leave every single job I ever had (my standard joke is that I have been fired from every job I have held) and there are many challenges in being pioneering as the father of modern day psychology has said –

“First, a new theory is attacked as absurd. Second, it is admitted to be true but obvious and insignificant. Third, it is seen to be so important that its adversaries claim they themselves discovered it” William James, Pragmatism 1907.

Of course the secret to this is persistence – with persistence comes Mastery.

“First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Ghandi (1869-1948)

As a result of not being able to keep a job I turned to entrepreneurship and have been a serial entrepreneur now for over 20 years to varying levels of success in many different roles and industries, from Management Consultancy, Environmental Training, Trainer, Speaker, Writer, Campaigner, Wine Maker, Mentor and visionary.

 To today I am the visionary behind this amazing project along with each and every speaker taking part, London Speakers Bureau, Lonely Road Foundation, and many more.

I recently spent some time reflecting on the common thread linking everything I have done in my career – what was the ONE consistency – and it was empowering others to be their magnificent selves, to be authentic and live the life they love, specifically through their vocation and that is when in the middle of the night I woke up during the South African winter last year in my bed in Cape Town and I had an amazing vision of some of the worlds’ most forward thinking leaders and masters on stage with me speaking to thousands of aspiring and established entrepreneurs who were committed to taking themselves, their families and their businesses to the next level – I could see it, feel it, smell it – it was an all encompassing vision and I knew it was destiny and since then I have been planning this becoming a reality.

And the time is right – with South Africa being rich in resources and manpower it is perfectly poised to become an economic powerhouse for Africa and beyond. This will be done through increasing entrepreneurial activities and that is why I believe that the Start-Up SA Entrepreneur’s Seminar will be a poignant turning point for the South African economy with over 4500 delegates being lucky enough to attend including 1000 under resourced who would not have access to such inspired leaders speak in this way.

My first book will be published in December 2012, with another chapter contribution to the book series ‘Thank God I’ being published in January/February 2013 and The Naked Entrepreneur being published in September 2013 along with a book I am writing with many amazing contributors from around the world ‘I am who I am because….’

I have over the past few years been a student of Human Behaviour as well as Quantum Physics and Epigenetics and am now delving into the world of Meta – Medicine.

I have a number of methodologies that I have developed which assists and inspires people I work with and speak to around the world to master their lives and live the life of their dreams.

7 Action Steps™

IVF – Birthing your Entrepreneurial Spirit™

Your Highest Point of Potential Income is in your Telos™

Your Value Thermometer™

The Inner Soul Mate™

I would love to finish off this ‘Bio’ by offering two valuable pieces of advice (that my phenomenal life to date has taught me)

  • ·        Learn to love the life you are leading right now as that is where you will find the inspiration to transition to living the life of your dreams.
  • ·        Failure is not a bad word, it is an important word as the experience is valuable and it is what gives us the feedback we require to build magnificent success…. the more failures and the more spectacular the failure the greater your success potential!!

Live with Power, Inspiration and Enthusiasm.

With Love and Gratitude, Judy

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